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    What's Included:
  • iPad for each service area
  • Custom stickers for easy ordering
  • Credit Card Swiper*
  • Cases and mounts for iPads
  • *Included once credit card acceptance registration is completed

Plan Features

Everything you need to get your golf course up and running is included!
Unlimited use of HappyTapp system
All the equipment you need!
Free app download to all your guests
Select from Bev Cart on Demand, Bev Cart Approaching or Half way house
Equipment insurance
24x7x365 support
Unlimited custom menus to boost sales
Return equipment to cancel any time (no refunds for early cancellations)


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per month

First Service Location
1 x $1,500


Additional Service Locations
1 x $500



You won't be charged until your equipment is shipped to you.

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As a reminder, we won't charge your credit card until we ship your equipment.

Here are the next steps to get HappyTapp on your course:

  1. A customer service master will contact you to:
    1. Get your credit application completed so you can start accepting credit cards on the course immediately.
    2. Provide a training session to learn the many features of HappyTapp.
  2. You will receive an email with your login and a temp password to the system.
  3. We will ship your stickers, equipment, and promotional materials.
  4. You install the stickers on your carts.
  5. Watch F&B revenues soar with happy customers!

Thanks again for becoming part of the HappyTapp team.